Caltech Geometry and Topology Seminar


Organizer: Qiongling Li ([at]gmail[dot]com)

The Geometry and Topology seminar meets on Fridays in Room 104, Math Department (Building 15) from 3pm to 5pm, unless noted otherwise (in red).

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

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2018 Spring Term

April 2 (Monday)
4pm - 6pm
201 E. Bridge
LA Joint Topology Seminar
April 6 No Schedule
April 13 Sara Maloni (University of Virginia) Convex hulls of quasicircles in hyperbolic and anti-de Sitter space
April 16 (Monday)
3pm - 5pm
Room 131
Jørgen Ellegaard Andersen (QGM, Aarhus University) Geometric Recursion
April 20 Jeffrey Danciger (UT Austin) Convex cocompact actions in real projective geometry
April 23 (Monday)
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
April 27 Caitlin Leverson (Georgia Institute of Technology) Legendrian satellite knots, DGA representations, and the colored HOMFLY-PT polynomial
May 4 C.-M. Michael Wong (Louisiana State University) Unoriented skein relations for link and tangle invariants in Heegaard Floer theory
May 11 Steven Rayan (University of Saskatchewan) Geometry of weightless Kapustin-Witten solutions on the plane
May 16 (Wednesday)
3pm - 5pm
Room 104
Binbin Xu (University of Luxembourg) On the equivalence between Q-conditions and primitive stability
May 18 Yi Xie (Simons Center) Surgery, Polygons and Instanton Floer homology
May 25 Rita Gitik (University of Michigan) Algorithms in group theory
June 1 Adam Levine (Duke) Piecewise-linear disks and spheres in 4-manifolds
June 8 Jeffrey Meier (University of Georgia) Fibered, homotopy-ribbon knots and the Generalized Property R Conjecture

2018 Winter Term

January 5 No schedule
January 12 R.Inanc Baykur (University of Massachusetts) Symplectic and exotic 4-manifolds via positive factorizations
January 16 (Tuesday)
3pm - 5pm
Room 105
Lei Chen (University of Chicago) From point-picking to sections of surface bundles
January 19 Nicholas G. Vlamis (University of Michigan) Homomorphisms of pure mapping class groups to the integers
January 26 Zeno Huang (CUNY) Hilbert Structure on the universal Teichmuller space and its Weil-Petersson curvature operator
January 31 (Wednesday)
3pm - 5pm
Room 104
Michelle Chu (UT Austin) Quantifying virtual properties of 3-manifold groups
February 2 Weixu Su (Fudan University) Existence of closed geodesics through a regular point on translation surfaces
February 9 Alastair Fletcher (Northern Illinois University) Strongly automorphic mappings
February 16 Franco Vargas Pallete (Berkeley) On Renormalized Volume
February 23 Ken Baker (University of Miami) A Characterization of Braid Axes
March 2 Haofei Fan (UCLA) Unoriented Cobordism Maps on Link Floer Homology
March 9 Georgios Kydonakis (UIUC) Gluing constructions for Higgs bundles over a complex connected sum
March 16 Lisa Piccirillo (UT Austin) Shake genus and slice genus

2017 Fall Term

September 29 Daniele Alessandrini (University of Heidelberg) Geometric Structures with Quasi-Hitchin Holonomy
October 6 Kyle Hayden (Boston College) Complex curves through a contact lens
October 13 Andrew Zimmer (William & Mary) Projective Anosov representations and convex cocompact actions
October 20 Linh Truong (Columbia University) Concordance invariants from truncated Heegaard Floer homology
October 27 Tian Yang (Texas A&M University) Volume conjectures for Reshetikhin-Turaev and Turaev-Viro invariants
November 3 David Gabai (Princeton) The 4-Dimensional Light Bulb Theorem
November 6 (Monday)
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
November 7 (Tuesday)
2:45pm - 3:45pm
Room 104
Jenny Wilson (Stanford) Stability in the homology of configuration spaces
November 8 (Wednesday)
3:15pm - 5:15pm
Room 104
Francis Bonahon (USC) A Thurston boundary for the Teichmüller space of an infinite Riemann surface
November 17 Artem Kotelskiy (Princeton) Bordered theory for pillowcase homology
November 20 (Monday)
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
November 24 Thanksgiving holiday
December 1 No schedule
December 4 (Monday)
4pm - 6pm
201 E Bridge
LA Joint Topology Seminar
December 8 Jonah Gaster (McGill University) Sageev's cube complex dual to a collection of curves on a hyperbolic surface