Caltech Geometry and Topology Seminar


Organizer: Tengren Zhang (tengren[at]caltech[dot]edu)

The Geometry and Topology seminar meets on Fridays in 257 Sloan from 3pm to 5pm, unless noted otherwise (in red).

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

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2016 Fall Term

September 30 Tengren Zhang (Caltech) Positively ratioed representations
October 7
3.30pm - 5.30pm
BoGwang Jeon (Columbia University) The unlikely intersection theory and the cosmetic surgery Conjecture
October 14 Boyu Zhang (Harvard University) A monopole invariant for foliations without transverse measure
October 17
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
October 21 Hrant Hakobyan (Kansas State University) Limits of geodesics in the universal Teichmuller space
October 28 William Ballinger (Caltech)
Tynan Ochse (Caltech)
Realization of integer manifolds by integer surgery
October 31
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
November 4 Matthieu Astorg (University of Orleans) Summability condition and rigidity for finite type maps
November 7
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
November 11 Jeremy Toulisse (University of Southern California) The geometry of maximal representations in SO(2,3)
November 18 Irving Dai (Princeton University) On the Pin(2)-equivariant monopole Floer homology of plumbed 3-manifolds
December 2 David Dumas (University of Illinois at Chicago) Coarse and fine geometry of the Thurston metric

2017 Winter Term

January 6 Ian Zemke (UCLA) Link Floer homology and link cobordisms
January 13 Oleg Ivrii (Caltech) Dimensions of Sparse Quasicircles
January 27 Kathryn Mann (UC Berkeley) Orderable groups and actions on 1-manifolds
February 3 Qiongling Li (QGM-Aarhus University and Caltech) Projective Structures with holonomy in (Quasi-)Hitchin representations
February 10 Burak Özbağcı (Koç University) Symplectic fillings of lens spaces as Lefschetz fibrations
February 17 Ian Biringer (Boston College) Determining the finite subgraphs of the curve graph
February 24 Matthew Stoffregen (UCLA) Pin(2)-equivariant Floer homology and homology cobordism
March 1
3pm - 5pm
Sloan 257
Daniel Wise (McGill University) A graph coloring problem and its algebraic and topological consequences.
March 3 Xin Nie (Korea Institute for Advanced Study) Meromorphic cubic differentials and convex projective structures
March 10 Richard Canary (University of Michigan) Simple Length Rigidity for Hitchin Representation
March 13
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar

2017 Spring Term

April 7 Priyam Patel (UCSB) Quantitative methods in hyperbolic geometry and applications to lifting curves simply
April 10
4.30pm - 6.30pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
April 14 Dmitri Gekhtman (Caltech) Translation flow on holomorphic maps out of the poly-plane
April 17
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
April 21 Henry Horton (Indiana University) Symplectic Instanton Homology via Traceless Character Varieties: SO(3)-Bundles and Dehn Surgery
April 28 Wenzhao Chen (Michigan State University) Heegaard Floer invariants and satellite knots
May 4 (Thursday)
3pm - 5pm
Sloan 153
Michael Wolf (Rice University) Sheared Pleated surfaces and Limiting Configurations for Hitchin's equations
May 12 Peter Lambert-Cole (Indiana University) Conway mutation and knot Floer homology
May 19 James Conway (UC Berkeley) Tight Contact Structures via Admissible Transverse Surgery
May 26 John Loftin (Rutgers-Newark) Degenerations of Goldman's coordinates along neck pinches for convex real projective structures
June 2
June 9 Nicolas Tholozan ( École Normale Supérieure) Collar lemma and positive cross-ratios