Caltech Geometry and Topology Seminar


Organizer: Qiongling Li ([at]gmail[dot]com)

The Geometry and Topology seminar meets on Fridays in Math Department from 3pm to 5pm, unless noted otherwise (in red).

Click on the title of a talk for the abstract (if available).

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2017 Fall Term

September 29 Daniele Alessandrini (University of Heidelberg)
October 6 Kyle Hayden (Boston College) Complex curves through a contact lens
October 13 Andrew Zimmer (William & Mary)
October 20 Linh Truong (MIT)
October 27
November 3
November 6 LA Joint Topology Seminar
November 10 Francis Bonahon (USC)
November 17 Artem Kotelskiy (Princeton)
November 24 Thanksgiving holiday
December 1 Zeno Huang(CUNY)
December 8 Jonah Gaster(Boston College)

2018 Winter Term

January 5
January 12 R.Inanc Baykur (University of Massachusetts)
January 19 Nicholas G. Vlamis (University of Michigan)
January 26
February 2
February 9
February 16
February 23
March 2
March 9
March 16

2017 Spring Term

April 7 Priyam Patel (UCSB) Quantitative methods in hyperbolic geometry and applications to lifting curves simply
April 10
4.30pm - 6.30pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
April 14 Dmitri Gekhtman (Caltech) Translation flow on holomorphic maps out of the poly-plane
April 17
4pm - 6pm
LA Joint Topology Seminar
April 21 Henry Horton (Indiana University) Symplectic Instanton Homology via Traceless Character Varieties: SO(3)-Bundles and Dehn Surgery
April 28 Wenzhao Chen (Michigan State University) Heegaard Floer invariants and satellite knots
May 4 (Thursday)
3pm - 5pm
Sloan 153
Michael Wolf (Rice University) Sheared Pleated surfaces and Limiting Configurations for Hitchin's equations
May 12 Peter Lambert-Cole (Indiana University) Conway mutation and knot Floer homology
May 19 James Conway (UC Berkeley) Tight Contact Structures via Admissible Transverse Surgery
May 26 John Loftin (Rutgers-Newark) Degenerations of Goldman's coordinates along neck pinches for convex real projective structures
June 2
June 9 Nicolas Tholozan ( École Normale Supérieure) Collar lemma and positive cross-ratios