Math 160b
Number Theory
Winter 2014-15
TR 2:30 PM // 153 Sloan
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Instructor:  Majid Hadian-Jazi, 258 Sloan, 626-395-4343, hadian at
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Course Description

The focus of this course is local class field theory, to be followed in the spring term by its companion course Math 160c covering global class field theory.

We will study local fields, their ramification and Galois groups, Galois cohomology, Brauer groups, local duality, the invariant map, the Euler characteristic formula and possibly explicit class field theory in Lubin-Tate towers and local Galois representations.

The course assumes a working knowledge of abstract algebra, Galois theory and basic algebraic number theory. Math 160a and Math 120b are necessary.


Grades: TBA



  •  Local Fields by Jean-Pierre Serre, ISBN: 0387904247

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