Math 1b Practical
Linear Algebra
Winter 2014-15
Lecture MWF 10:00  AM // 119 Kerckhoff 
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Instructor:  Xinwen Zhu, 176 Sloan, 626.395.4360,
Office Hours: Friday 3pm
Lead TA:  Foo Yee Yeo, 385 Sloan, 626.395.1732,
Course Secretary:  Kathy Carreon, 253 Sloan, 626.395.4335,

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Course Syllabus


Section 1 -  Gahye Jeong

Office Hours: Sunday 10am, 155 Sloan

9:00 AM, Thursday

257 Sloan

Section 2 - Caili Shen

Office Hours: Friday 9pm, 353 Sloan

9:00 AM, Thursday

119 Downs

Section 3 -  Connor Meehan

Office Hours: Sunday 5pm, 159 Sloan

10:00 AM, Thursday

11 Downs

Section 4 -  Corina Panda

Office Hours: Saturday 10am, 385 Sloan

10:00 AM, Thursday

119 Downs

Section 5 - Daniel Siebel

Office Hours: Saturday 5pm, 155 Sloan

1:00 PM, Thursday

103 Downs

Section 7 - Foo Yee Yeo Lead TA

Office Hours: Sunday 3pm, 385 Sloan

 2:00 PM, Thursday

11 Downs

Course Description


A comprehensive treatment of linear algebra and matrix theory. The subject will be approached in a relatively concrete manner.



Roughly 40% homework, 30% midterm, and 30% final. Typically, the pass-fail line has been approximately 60%. Those with high scores on the homework and midterm will be excused from the final. In the past those with about 90% of the possible points on homework and midterm have been excused.

Homework Policy:

Students may work together on homework problems but must write up their own homework in their own words and hopefully understand the solution.   

Homework will be due on Monday at 10:00 a.m. in your section homework box outside room 253 Sloan. At most one late homework set will be accepted, and only at your TA's discretion, if arrangements have been made in advance with your TA, and if the work is less than a week late. Other than in exceptional circumstances, homework will not be accepted more than a week after the deadline.

Graded homework sets will be handed back in your section (and will be available during TA Office Hours). Solutions will be posted on the web.

Many of the problems which will be assigned this year in Math 1b, also were assigned in previous years in Math 1b. Do not consult the solution sets from previous years in working


Go to the recitations! Some weeks, a portion of the recitation may be dedicated to introducing some computational (or even theoretical) aspect which the Instructor will not have time to present in class. In general, get to know your TA and bug him/her to death (figuratively speaking) with your questions, and try to fill in all the holes in your understanding of the subject.


Lecture Notes


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Due Date Homework  Solutions
10am Jan 12, 2015
5pm Jan 20, 2015
10am Jan 26, 2015
10am Feb 2, 2015
10am Feb 9, 2015
5pm Feb 17, 2015
10am Feb 23, 2015
10am March 2, 2015
10am March 9, 2015
4pm March 16, 2015
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