Math 145a
Representation Theory
Fall 2014-15
MWF 1:00 PM // 153 Sloan
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Instructor:  Pei-Yu Tsai, 282 Sloan,
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The class meeting will be MWF at noon in 153 Sloan. If the room is taken by other seminar or meeting, we will meet at 257 Sloan instead.

Course Description

Ma145a is the first in a 2 course sequence on theory of representations. In the fall quarter, we will cover representations of finite groups, including the general theory of finite group representations, the representations of symmetric groups, Mackey's formula and Artin's and Brauer's theorems with their application. This course is succeeded in the Winter quarter by M145b, which will cover representations of compact groups.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic abstract algebra and linear algebra


Grading: Homework will be assigned weekly.



Lecture Notes

Date Description


Date Description


Due Date Homework  Solutions
Oct. 10 Homework 1 (updated on 10/08)  
Oct. 20 Homework 2 (updated on 10/15)  
Nov. 7 Homework 3  
Nov. 24 Homework 4  
Dec. 10 Homework 5 (updated on 12/09 #2 revised)(finite generation for #5 is required.)  


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