Math 10


Oral Presentation

Fall 2013-14



M 2:00 PM // 151 Sloan


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Instructor: Elena Mantovan, 262 Sloan, 626-395-4342, mantovan @


Feedback Form




Under handouts you can find the FEEDBACK FORM: each of you is asked to anonymously review all the talks and provide helpful feedback to the speakers.

Under homework you can find the SCHEDULE for the term: each of you is scheduled to deliver two 20 minute talks, and serve as chair once.

Titles and regular abstracts are due at noon on the Friday before the talk. The extended abstracts are due at noon on the Friday after your talk.


Course Description



The giving of presentations is one of the most important non-mathematical skills a mathematician can have, and like many such skills, is best learned in the doing. Students in Math 10 will be required to do three things: (1) give two 20 minute talks to their fellow students, (2) write them up, and (3) form the audience for their fellow students' talks (and learn from their mistakes).
Each talk should be at the level of Caltech math majors (i.e., anyone who's taken the single-digit required courses should be able to follow the talk, and ideally learn something new), and on a mathematical subject (applications and history are acceptable).
Talks may use the blackboard or slides.  Students are asked to give one talk of each kind. It is important that talks are designed with flexibility in mind, to avoid ending too early, or going over time.
Prior to their talks students should submit titles and regular abstracts for distribution. Following their talks students should prepare two-page extended abstracts, explaining the main results discussed in formal detail.
The audience should try to follow the talk, naturally, but also make note of anything the speaker does that works particularly well or badly; students are then asked to give speakers feedback afterwards, by completing an anonymous form. They are also expected to actively participate in class by asking questions, and in turns acting as chair.
Depending on enrollment, each weekly meeting will consist of few student presentations, followed by discussion.






Grading: This is a pass/fail class






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Tips and Rules












Due Date




 organizational meeting, discussion


10/06 MON

Laura, Kevin Y., Kevin L., William

Larry, Hui
10/13 MON

Julia, Jake W., Tim, Nico

Stephanie, Gabe
10/17 FRI

Karthik, Hui, Eileen,  discussion

Jake W.
10/20 MON

Larry, Jake M., Stephanie, discussion

Kevin L., Juan
11/03 MON

Tian, Juan, Gabe, Laura

Jake M., Eileen
11/10 MON

Kevin L., William, Julia, Jake W.

Tian, Tim
11/17 MON

Tim, Nico, Juan, Kevin Y.

William, Julia
11/21 FRI

Karthik, Hui, Larry, Eileen

Laura, Nico
12/01 MON

Jake M., Stephanie, Tian , Gabe

Karthik, Kevin Y.



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