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Mathematics Colloquium
2013 - 2014
Tuesday, January 28, 2014
4:00 p.m.  //  151 Sloan
Goncalo Tabuda (MIT) - An introduction to the theory of noncommutative motives.

Abstract: The theory of motives was envisioned by Grothendieck in the sixties. In contrast, noncommutative motives were only recently introduced by Kontsevich. The central tenet of noncommutative motives is that one should not work with algebraic varieties but rather with their (bounded) derived category of coherent sheaves: the later carries much more symmetries than the former. In this talk I will survey the foundations of noncommutative motives and describe some applications. I will end the talk with some speculative remarks regarding where the research on noncommutative motives might take us.

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