Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture
in Mathematics

Tuesday, March 9, 1999
4:15 p.m.  // 151 Sloan


Professor, School of Mathematics
Institute for Advanced Study
Princeton, New Jersey

will deliver the

Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture

Planar lattice models in statistical mechanics:
A mathematician dreams of an initial theory

Robert P. Langlands was born in New Westminster, British Columbia. He received his A.B. (1957) and M.A. (1958) from the University of British Columbia and his Ph.D. (1960) from Yale University. He has also received eight honorary doctorates from various institutions.

Langlands is considered by many to be a great visionary mathematician. In 1967, he stunned the mathematical world with his far-reaching ideas on number theory, coming from his deep insights into the seemingly disjoint area of representations of Lie groups. The field was consequently rejuvenated by the resulting influx of new ideas and powerful techniques, and it blossomed over the next decade into a gigantic program encompassing a variety of fields. During the past decade, Langlands has been working primarily in statistical mechanics and others parts of mathematical physics.

Langlands is a recipient of numerous awards, including the Cole Prize (1982), National Academy of Sciences Medal (1988) and the Wolf Prize (1995–96). He is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and a Fellow of the Royal Societies of London, U.K. and of Canada.

The Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture was established by friends and family of the late Leonidas Alaoglu in recognition of his great talents, distinguished contributions to mathematics, and long friendship with Caltech. The Institute is privileged to honor his memory with a lecture each year by an outstanding mathematician.


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