Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture
in Mathematics

Tuesday, February 25, 2003
4:15 p.m.
151 Sloan


Professor of Mathematics
Harvard University

will deliver the

Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture


AbstractWe will discuss new results on billiards in L-shaped tables, Riemann surfaces of genus two, and curves in moduli space.


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Curtis McMullen earned a B.A. from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts in 1980 and studied at Cambridge University and in Paris before receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1985. Before becoming a professor at Harvard in 1998, he held positions at MIT, MSRI, IAS, Princeton, and UC Berkeley.

Dr. McMullen has made fundamental contributions to numerous areas of mathematics. His work is a fascinating interrelation of hyperbolic geometry, complex dynamics, and number theory.

In 1998, Dr. McMullen was awarded the Fields Medal, the most prestigious prize in mathematics, primarily in recognition for his renormalization theory in rational dynamics and hyperbolic geometry. In the same year, he was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. In addition to the Fields Medal, he has received over a dozen other major mathematical awards. He is the author of two seminal monographs “Complex dynamics and renormalization” and “Renormalization and 3-manifolds which fiber over the circle.”


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The Leonidas Alaoglu Memorial Lecture was established by friends and family of the late Leonidas Alaoglu in recognition of his great talents, distinguished contributions to mathematics, and long friendship with Caltech. The Institute is privileged to honor his memory with a lecture each year by an outstanding mathematician.


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